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Por todas las propiedades que se ofrecen en este sitio nuestra empresa tiene acuerdos firmados con sus propietarios para la comercialización de las mismas
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Our company is a young venture specifically located in the city of Libertad (San Jose province) in the south area of Uruguay.

The company has proposed in all urban centers shaft Route 1, from Montevideo to Colonia, with lots of deals on all the beaches on the coast of the Rio de la Plata and a wide range of fields, farms and business properties in San Jose, Flores, Colonia, Canelones and Montevideo.

Leading the venture is Diego Perdomo, a young business entrepreneur focused particularly at the service field. His career started working for several years in the most recognized multinational in the world (McDonald's), where he was recognized as “employee of the year” and “best area manager of Uruguay” in 1999. He also has an important training in different regional institutes based in the area of corporate real estate organization with special study on the behavior of housing markets.


Currently our real estate company is a leader in the regional market, in which we have at least 90% of values in real estate transactions, taking into account the records of 2009 of a total of 10 brokers, and it is considered to have the best co-management, with the highest percentages of acceptance by local, regional and extra-regional investors,according to our studies.

Our results are visible and registered by our “vision and mission”.


To implement a property management system (similar to the world's leading real estate) based on continuous improvement processes that at the same time are aligned to develop strategies which increase significantly our market share and are committed to our planned goals.



To achieve only win-win type business in which all parts are 100% satisfied with the results achieved by maintaining a focus on total quality added value given to each business.


Our approach

It is the sales of specific properties in the downtown area in the south of San Jose province and surrounding areas, with emphasis on the sale of fields in southern Uruguay.